Are you ready to become a member of the Genesee Dietetic Association?

You will find many benefits from becoming a member of the Genesee Dietetic Association. Here are just a few of our membership perks!

*Please Note: Membership in the Genesee Dietetic Association (GDA) is limited to members of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, whose official mailing address is listed in the State of New York, and who reside or work in the GDA district. Thank you for your interest.

Membership Perks:

  • Develop a strong network of colleagues and professionals
  • Stay in focus to the ever-changing health care needs and opportunities available.
  • Be part of the mass marketing appeal of the Dietetics profession to the public.
  • Stay fresh and passionate with open ideas and mentoring to young dietitians.
  • Gain professional and leadership exposure.
  • Be recognized for your work and strengths.
  • Link yourself to local, state and national activities and news.
  • Create a louder and stronger voice in Legislation for the benefit & protection of our profession.
  • By receiving electronic communications, you will have the information at your fingertips on the day of printing, you’ll be saving the association money, and you’ll be saving trees!

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